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Old 08-09-2018, 07:01 PM
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Cool 93 saturn sl2 motor upgrade

Hello all I am a bit new here but wanted to say I am toying with the idea of an extreme upgrade on my 93 Saturn it has been a great car to me for alotta years the body and interior are pretty much in perfect shape but the motor is pretty much on its last bit of life .My thoughts are to buy a junk yard motor of the same and totally rebuild the insides with as much high performance as possible as well as the trans (if possible) I have read about turbo charging and forced air but I believe these may just finish off my current or rebuilt motor. but would these turbo/forced be ok on a newly rebuilt motor with high performance insides? Im almost thinking funny car but as I said I love this car and it has been good to me so I wanna keep it as long as possible but make it look and run like a little badass buggy !! lol any ideas would be great and I would very much appreciate any input. also the mile counter stopped on it about 4 years ago when I bought it and it had 88 thou on it and I have put at least another 200 thou on it. and I also always check my damn oil so I don't kill it !! lol Thank you all again . Jonas
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Old 08-10-2018, 01:32 AM
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V8 dragster is my favorite to date, but converting to RWD must have been a royal pain in the ****.

Most people without unlimited sources of cash opt for a teardown, cylinder honing, oversized pistons n matching rings w overbore to match, all forged internals, beefed up head, higher flow & pressure injectors, higher pressure & flow fuel pump, LS1 throttle body, and a T3/T4 Turbo, wideband 02 and standalone fuel management since the S car PCM cannot be tuned (well, 2 people have cracked the assembly language and neither shared)..

By far the hardest part of the turbo parts procurement is getting a hold of a turbo manifold. With the exception of a few retail kits, people basically made their own from a stock one or fabricated it completely from scratch. Some looked nice but failed, some looked like *** but were dependable.

There have been quite a few people parting out turbo s cars in the past few years, as the generation that gave birth to them is now 15-20 years older and it's not the ideal ride for 2 kids and the wife.
Your best bet is to purchase a turbo car intact as a parts car and either transfer the entire underhood setup to your ride and be done with it or swap in piece by piece into your ride. Just be aware that what fits in small quarters in one car may be 1/2" different in another and you may need to modify what's there to fit.

Doing the full swap in gets you a tired engine, though. And if it's been built internally, you can freshen it up (new rings valve guide seals, etc.) and bearings and it should serve you well.

Much on the net about that.

Supercharging has been done to the DOHC, though not very often. Unless you can find a reliable source of information from documented successful cases, you may find yourself 5/6 of the way to nowhere.

Setting the 1.9 DOHC aside, people have swapped in Ion Redline LSJs (supercharged) and Sky Redline Turbo LNF's. Quite a bit of frame reinforcement and mount fabrication as neither are bolt ins.

I'm sure others have done even more radical things -- I just don't know about them.

Swap in an LS1 and get back to us.

it's your blank canvas
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