Update on my new to me Saturn Vue

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Default Update on my new to me Saturn Vue

So I had a horrible noise coming from the car when I accelerated, it started off when I only accelerated but the the noise got worse and constant while driving. I took it in to my local shop and 2 motor mounts and 2 trans mounts were completely broken. So now I have gotten that fixed (ouch $$$) and the noises are gone! I was even able to take the quote for the repair work to guy I was buying it from and he dropped the price down to $1500 before I had it fixed. If he wasn't willing to drop the price, I told him I was giving him the car back, but he did drop it. So tonight I am going to pay the last $500 that I owe him and get the title and new bill of sale.!
Honestly I love this Saturn vue as I am able to really pack it down for the flea market on the weekends once I put the back seats down!
The next things on my list to work on is the TC light and ABS light.
I have already gotten the oil changed. The window-shield washer fluid does not come out, but there is fluid in there reservoir any tips on how to fix that?
Also are there any other things I should be looking into? It now has 196k miles on it.

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Let me get this straight...you were driving a car whose title was not in your name b c you were buying it from some guy, apparently in installments. But you were about to pay to fix someone else's ride you were in the process of buying?

I'll buy the mounts were wasted, but if they were literally broken you'd have a lot more bad things going on than you do.
Also sounds like you didn't take it to a mechanic pre sale b c he would have found something like that pretty easily.

The owner likely knew the mounts were bad but since there was no indication to you, the never been in a Vue girl, he forgot to mention it.

At least he did the smart thing because if not, he would have had the vehicle back that he was trying to unload on you. Or anyone.

The ABS and TRAC systems are kinda interwoven in today's cars, as the TRAC can't function properly if the ABS isn't working properly, as the TRAC will actually command the ABS system to apply braking to say the front right and back left in order to maintain traction. So usually it's an ABS system issue (often a bad ABS wheel speed sensor) that takes out the ABS and the TRAC along with it.

Be advised, the ABS system MAY be totally inoperable -don't know how Vues work in that regard, but with many safety related systems in cars, if part of the system is not working, the controller for it may disable the entire system. So you may not have ABS until you solve the riddle of what is wrong with it.
I would go out on a rainy day with no one around you and plow the brake pedal -- if you hear and feel the ABS action, then part of the system is working. If you give yourself whiplash while stopping, your ABS system is disabled.

Someone with a highly functioning diag tool can read the ABS error codes and figure out what is wrong. If it is a wheel speed sensor, it wil tell you which one. A regular code reader like the one at Autozone will not read ABS codes.

If the washer fluid reservoir is full, have someone else pull the lever forward while you stand near the reservoir. You should hear a pump kick in and stay running until they let go of the lever. If you hear nothing, it is either a fuse (check first), Voltage/current is not getting to the washer pump (check for 12V DC Voltage w voltmeter across incoming connector when lever is held forward). If no voltage, may be wiring problem or Relay problem -- can't remember if there is a winsh wiper relay in there. Could also be the switch on the column either has dirty or worn out contacts. Oh, the tubes to the windshield may also be clogged
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Thanks for the tips on the ABS and the washer fluid, will check that out tomorrow.
So the story behind the car and the guy, a friend that i know that buys cars from auctions and then flips them. He only had this car for 1 week and half, when my crown vic broke down on me. So he was honest and said he hadn't had the car long and had only driven it to town a few times. ( He left all the auction paperwork in the car, so he really did only have it that long) He let me give him $500 down and drive, so originally he was wanting $2000 and was gonna charge me a little more for financing it. I was in a bind with no car, so yes I did buy it with out a proper mechanic looking it over. i did take a couple guys from the flea market with me to look at it and drive it. Of course it didn't make that noise until a couple days later. I went and got the tag today and applied for switching the title in my name. ( We were waiting on the title in his name from the auction)
I am not sure if the mounts were completely broken, perhaps wasted like you said, but all I know is the car is driving great now and that noise is gone. Will try your tips as soon as I get a chance.
Here he is, I think I am going to name it Green Giant
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sweet lookin. Your auction guy (who I thought was a random scumbag before you explained) picked a nice one for ya.

I would name it

Soylent Green (look up ref to old movie)
The Emerald

Some of those suck. Some not so much

Your Ride. YOU make the call
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I ended up going with The Hulk, my son named it. I am calling it the money pit right now. I posted a help me post in General tech. I wonder if I should have posted it in here.
I really like this car, but dang I have already put about $1,500 in it in repairs. So i paid $1500, and now it is a $3,000 car with the current parts and labor. Mind you the mounts were expensive. Ugh,
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You couldn't give me a Vue. I'd rather ride my bicycle. At least I know it's not going to be a money pit and crap out on me.
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