2005 Saturn Vue Brake issues!

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Default 2005 Saturn Vue Brake issues!

Hey y'all we need some help as I'm stumped at this moment. We have AWD 3.5 L vue and recently replaced brakes, rotors and calipers (3x) all to no avail to fix the issues.
My Right Front tire wont budge unless I tap the brakes. The other tires n calipers work like their supposed to, ie. when you put it in drive the tires start rotating except for the RF. When gas is pressed hard the tires stop, with the rf stopping more slowly. We checked the ABS, the switch under the brake( which has 4 hookups and three are hooked) and the lines are not leaking,fluid flowing freely to the calipers when on.
Can someone help us here?
I'm outa ideas and frustrated as hell !!
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Thinking out loud:

There may be an obstruction in the metal brake line leading to the caliper.
Also possible a weak spot may have developed in the rubber section of line that runs from the metal line to the caliper, and the line may be collapsing at the weak spot when you lift your foot off the brake, preventing fluid from flowing back to the master cylinder

1)The flow TO the caliper does NOT sound quite right (you indicate that wheel stops slower than the rest).
That seems like more evidence of a possible obstruction and.or collapsing rubber line -- sounds like a flow restriction in BOTH directions -- though they may not be from a single (the same) obstruction.

2) Nor is the return flow FROM the caliper towards the master cylinder.

Since the brake system is closed, the pressure pushing the fluid to the caliper to move the pads against the rotor when you depress the brake pedal should "invert" when you lift off the brake, pulling fluid back out of the caliper, allowing the pads to retract from the surface of the rotor. If the fluid doesn't retract, the pads stay pinned against the rotor.

3) Did you use new well-greased caliper guide pins with each new caliper you tried, or were you reusing the original caliper pins with the new calipers? A bent or corroded guide pin will create friction where there's not supposed to be any, and the caliper can hang up. If you used the same original caliper guide pins and they are fubar'd, you may have been reinstalling the source of the problem, not allowing free travel along the guide pins.

My bet is a flow restriction or restrictions which may include collapsing of the rubber line. I don't know the i.d. of those lines, but I don't think you'd necessarily be able to see it from the outside

Folks with the 3rd gen Vues (2008-2010) have had horrible problems with calipers not retracting. People have found issues with premature internal corrosion of the brake lines (bad steel) and others have claimed that the routing of the rubber brake line is flawed on the front wheels and inadvertently creates a flow restriction -- for SOME of the vehicles. But based on the age and suspected high mileage, I think collapsing is more likely part of the issue.

Don't run out and blow cash on the metal and rubber brake lines just yet -- they are pricey, and if my speculation is incorrect, the parts will eventually enter my house through a front window, and I'd like to avoid that. And you'll be out some greenbacks. Would like to avoid that too.

Someone else should stop by and concur -- or not.

Also, I've assumed you meant when the BRAKE is pressed hard (not the GAS pedal)?. Otherwise, none of this makes any sense.
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I agree with derf, the FIRST thing I'd be checking is the rubber brake hose on the right front wheel. They wear out from the inside out. Just start at one end and start "pinching" the hose. IF you find a weak spot where you can squeeze it easily, then replace that hose.
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I agree with the above posts. How long does this brake hang? If you can easily duplicate the issue diagnosis should be quick. First open the bleeder to see if you have trapped pressure. If so the hang is hydraulic. Duplicate the issue, now open the line at the first coupling. That is where the rubber hose turns to steel pipe. Is there trapped pressure? If not the problem is the hose. If there is still trapped pressure go to the next unit, probably the abs unit. If you have trapped pressure on the one port at the abs unit replace the abs unit.
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