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Old 12-11-2006, 07:51 PM
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wondering if anyone has experienced a broken hood latch/cable? i go to pull the handle and it feels like nothing. i can hear the cable moving under the i know the cable is connected to the pull handle in the car. i briefly looked into manually getting it open...but couldnt see an easy way to do it. everything underneath is shrouded and you cant get to the release. anyone thats delt wiht this let me know what you did.

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Old 12-13-2006, 01:31 PM
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carefully pry off the
saturn emblem from the bumper cover. you will break the small stem off,
you can get a new emblem or use adhesive to re-attach it. you can take
a long, thin screwdriver and insert it in the hole in the cover, or
alternatively drill an access hole that will be covered by the emblem.
you have to go straight in about 8 to 10 inches and trip the latch
mechanism. the latch arm is on the bottom of the latch, sort of at the
6 oclock position. you have to pry the latch arm to the right (drivers)
side. stick the screwdriver in and try to situate it under the latch
mechanism, try prying up lightly to get it in place. then move the tool
to the left a bit, still holding tension upward, get ahold of the arm
and then pry rightward. good luck. you could also drill a couple of
holes 1/2 inch or so to shine a mini light and to see through. dont
mangle the cover, the holes will all be covered by the emblem..</span>
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Old 12-14-2006, 05:10 AM
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I would hope that the vehicle was designed so as not to require drilling holes through it to get to the latch....(seems a bit heavy handed). All that plastic underneath does come off....

Have you consulted a Saturn dealer?
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Old 12-14-2006, 12:59 PM
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thanks much for the suggestions. i was about to either take all the plastic down from underneath or do the hole thing under the badge when....i decided to make sure the cable was connected to the handle under the dash. well what happened is where the cable housing sits in the had come out. when i pulled the handle it still pulled the cable a little bit...thats why it still made the sound under the hood making me think it was OK under the dash and the problem was under the hood. i had been messing with the module box for my remote starter and when i shoved it back up there i must have knocked the cable out of its slot. so all is good now...i feel like a fool cuz it was such an easy fix. but im a pretty big guy and its hard for me toget under the lets just call it laziness lol. again...thanks for the responses. at least this is on here now for people to see if someone were to run into this problem.

take care.
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