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Is hotter range plug avail for 99 SL-1?

Old 07-06-2019, 05:54 PM
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Default Is hotter range plug avail for 99 SL-1?

HI and Help.
Does anyone anywhere know if there is a spark plug 1 step hotter heat range for a 1999 Saturn SL1 and if so what is it, where can I get it and who makes it? I need a part or stock number .I know NGK does not make one as I called them but surely someone else does?! Had no luck at local parts stores or the internet. Thanks!
Old 07-06-2019, 08:49 PM
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I looked through the Autolite catalog and your car takes the hottest plug available in your size. If your car burns oil and fouls plugs you need to repair the engine.
Old 07-06-2019, 10:17 PM
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The stock plug chosen for the vehicle is the ideal one for an S car engine. That's why it is in there in the first place.

People spend time and waste money on 14 pronged Medusa plugs trying to gain that extra little bit. If you have an SL1, there is not really much extra to get. Feel free to search and find all of the spark plug posts on Saturn unless you are racing this vehicle, I see no reason to not use the stock plugs.

I find it borderline laughable reading all of those posts with people claiming this that and the other thing is because they swapped plugs when in reality there are 11 other variables they changed at the same time. These are the same people they tried to calculate gas mileage by stopping and getting gas not at the same pump every time. The shut-off back pressure is enough to throw enough in certainty into your measurement given the small amount of fuel involved. 0.3 gallons plus or minus wreaks havoc on your statistics. If these people don't know to even do this then I don't trust anything else that comes out of their pseudo analysis. If it was a significant enough difference then it would be quite evident. Otherwise it's lost in the experimental uncertainty, statistically insignificant or shall we say in layman's terms no ****ing difference As 02 lw300 said quite succinctly, rebuild your engine if you're having issues. A spark plug is not going to fix them. And use at least 10 w 30 if you want to stave off oil burning after the rebuild
I don't know why you've double posted. I will go delete the other post. Please refrain from double posting in the future.
Old 07-09-2019, 09:30 AM
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Thank you and sorry for double posting. Here's the deal. I'm well aware of snake oil when it comes to cars. However I have to drive this car as is for a bit and it isn't worth fixing due to mileage and worth...320,000 plus miles, and I hate that it is this way cause I loved the car. I had asked about the plug avail just to see if I could get plug that won't foul as quickly since I have to drive it. I change my own plugs and I'm surprised no hotter range plug is avail. It has a bent valve on the 3rd cylinder and I have new question...since I have to drive it should I disconnect the injector to that cylinder and pull the spark plug wire off that plug and do anything else to prevent dumping all that fuel in a bad cylinder. And what about the coils which I put in a while back, should I do anything to them or anything else. Wish I didn't have this scenario but I do and have to deal with it. Thanks and I do appreciate your advice.
Old 07-09-2019, 01:41 PM
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I'm also running a high mileage daily driver (2000 SW2 @ 242k) that has a malfunctioning valve.
I would not recommend pulling the spark plug cable - that'll just cause issues with the ignition. It's finicky enough as it is.
I did try disconnecting the injector on that cylinder and discovered that it used even more gas and had less power. I guess after the rpms get past a certain point things are moving fast enough that it's able to get enough compression to get at least some power out of that cylinder. I reconnected it after a few days and I've just been keeping oil in it and rolling on.
Old 07-09-2019, 03:02 PM
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Thanks Jamnar,
That's interesting the results you got when disconnecting the injector and I read that it might affect the ignition so maybe I should just leave it alone. I did put in a reply to one other fellow that's knowledgeable and am waiting to hear back from him but I will most likely forego any changes and let it ride unless I hear of something that makes me think otherwise. My mechanic said it might run for a month or a year. Sad because with 321,000 miles it ran like a top, leaked nothing, A/C and everything else in the car worked perfect, just burned oil like it's supposed given the engine design...wish I knew had to replace a head myself. Looking for another 5 speed. Thanks for your response Jamnar and good luck with your SL2.
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