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Default reading codes

Is there a way to get the codes out of a 93 saturn 4 door sedan without plugging in? I don't have a plug with my scanner that will fit,.I think it needs a coolant temp sensor,it idles high and the fan comes on as soon as its cranked and its it turns over about a minute before it cranks and is hard to a throttle pos sensor.the check engine light isn't on and I don't wanna start throwing parts on it without checking first....any help will be appreciated
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How to extract trouble codes for OBD-I (up to '95)
This procedure only works on OBD-I vehicles up to '95. Do NOT try this procedure on a 96 or newer vehicle!!

You want to jumper pins A and B. That should be the two upper right pins as you look at the plug.

1. With power off, jumper pin A to pin B

2. Turn the ignition to ON but DO NOT start the vehicle.

3. The Service Engine Soon (SES) light should flash code 12 (1 flash, pause, 2 quick flashes)

4. After a longer pause, code 12 should repeat two more times.

5. If there are any codes stored in the ECM they will follow Code 12.

6. If no other codes have been stored then Code 12 will continue to repeat until the jumper is disconnected.

Remember all OBD-I codes are two-digit.
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Default no codes

I used the jumper and all I got was code 12,thanks
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OK ... if the fan is coming on even when the engine is cold, you got one of three conditions:

1) Defective (shorted) temp sensor
2) Defective cooling fan relay
3) Defective PCM

With the key OFF, pull the cooling fan relay, and tap it vigorously on your knuckles. Now plug it back in, and turn the key to ON, but do not start the car. If you hear a click from the relay, and the fan starts, best chance is that the temp sensor is shorted, and needs replacing. Verify this by turning the key to OFF, disconnecting the temp sensor connector, and measure the resistance of the temp sensor. Zero ohms signals a bad sensor.
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