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Default 96 SL2 crank, no start

Ok so I have a 96 SL2 with around 150k on the clock. Its been leaking/burning oil for a while now and I've finally gotten off my lazy *** to take care of it. I checked the plugs, lo and behold numbers 1, 2, and 3 were covered in oil.... I figured thats why I had a misfire codes, so I replaced the valve cover gasket/grommets, plugs (gapped of course) and wires. Now the car won't start. I did a compression check, and cylinder 3 will only hold around 50 psi (the others are near 200 still!) So I know there is a problem in the one cylinder - but then why did it run all the way up till now? I know it'll run on 3 cylinders, like garbage, but will still run. Is there something I'm missing? Its got spark, fuel, and for the most part compression. Crank sensor maybe? I know its not timing because it wouldn't have held compression if the chain or tensioner broke. Any common areas for failure I've missed?
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Your thread says you changed both plugs and wires. No offense intended, but are you SURE you got the right wiring scheme when you put everything back? One cylinder bad/misfiring and you might still run (yeah, like garbage), but if you got two swapped, the spark would look good, and the fuel would be there, but it'll never start/run.

Bottom line --> grab your manual and recheck your work thoroughly
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Thanks but yes. I have All Data and have searched various internet sites. Firing order is correct.
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If you have spark and fuel then CPS is likely fine.

Were the plug wells full of oil or were the plug tips coated in oil?
What kind of plugs n wires did you use?

I can indeed corroborate that an s car can be driven around quite peppily (not really) on 3 cyls pretty much indefinitely (highway driving not recommended)
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I'm a doofus. I pinched the power wire to injector 4 between the valve cover and head. Pop goes the fuse! Haha, thanks guys You are right on the peppiness though, I pulled it into the shop on 3 cylinders to top the oil of (of course) and it pulled forward just fine. I think the valve cover was the biggest part of the oil consumption/leaking though....
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